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Clipperz: Online storage of important informationYou’re a busy person. Some or all of your busy-ness involves being online. And being online means that you more than likely have multiple places requiring you to login. You need Clipperz, an secure online method of storing your important information.

Where do you store all those logins? In your head, only to be forgotten over time? On your PDA which could get lost or stolen?

Clipperz: Keep it to yourself
With Clipperz you not only have the convenience of storing your logins securely online, but you can house other confidential information like home alarm codes, notes, credit card information, etc. While the convenience of getting to your information from any computer with an Internet connection is a huge benefit, what about the times you know you won’t have access to the Web? No problem, just download your information to your laptop (encrypted, of course) and you’re set.

Clipperz: Keep it to yourself
And when you’re visiting a site requiring login information, you can easily store that information using its bookmarklet. Another nifty feature Clipperz offers is how it tells you how strong your password is. Sure, small words are easier to remember, but they may also be easy to figure out by prying eyes. So the stronger your password is, the stronger the yellow bar beneath that field becomes.

Clipperz: Keep it to yourself
Don’t worry about remembering difficult passwords (of course, make them reasonably memorable), but the point that I’m trying to make here is that Clipperz does the remembering for you. The one important password you’ll want to remember is the one that gets you into your account. After that you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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This is NOT a paid-for review.

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PassPack is another online password manager which employs this same “hands off the data” method – it’s called “host-proof hosting” (run that through Google for some more info). Of course, it’s also is free, secure and nothing to install. In addition, we also have an anti-phishing mechanism in place.

There’s a screenshot and Features list here:

PassPack lets you do import and export, as well as save and restore encrypted backup copies. It has a password generator built in and tools to help you find your passwords (a quick search, tags and alphabetical order lists).

Would you mind trying PassPack and maybe letting me know your thoughts? I’d really appreciate it, thanks! We support bulk import, so it should be fairly quick to started, even just to give it a test run.

Tara Kelly
PassPack Founding Partner

Hi Tara, thanks for visiting and providing another solution for us to look at. :smile:

Hi Ken.
Thanks. I’ve put together a 5 Steps Getting Started Guide. If you’re able to use Clipperz, you should have no problems with PassPack. However, the guide is useful for folks approaching password management for the first time:

Just let me know if you have any questions.
Tara :smile:

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