Is Someone Watching While You Surf The Web?

It’s easy to get caught up in technology. Take wireless communications, for example. What a convenience it is to be able to go to a hotspot like Starbucks, and crank out a few emails while sipping your latte?

But did you know that there may be someone listening in on your conversations? It could be the person sitting just a few tables down, “sniffing” what’s going on between your laptop and that wireless modem. In fact, he could be monitoring what everyone nearby may be doing with free software available on the Internet.

Or just as bad, if you use a wireless connection at home, the possibilities a person could search through your information are virtually endless. Why? Because chances are, you spend more time online at home than at Starbucks.

So what can be done?

Inspired by the LA Times

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I have been told that people can still monitor what we do online without using that thing that they use to monitor the satellite online usage. I believe , from just certain things I’ve witnessed, that a computer criminal is watching what I’m doing online. I believe he has also contacted certain persons via email or otherwise to ruin my attempts at just about anything. There is no other way he could have possibly known unless he had been standing behind me watching me online and of course that was not the case. How is this person watching my online content? What can I do to my computer to protect myself from this heinous privacy invasion?
I was using dial-up, but now am with broadband.

My most humble apologies about not responding sooner. I’m usually not this late.

So with the information you’ve given here I would surmise that a keylogger of some sort is being utilized. It’s what records every keystroke made on your keyboard. I’m not entirely clear about your comment about “satellite online usage”. Are you using satellite technology to connect to the Internet? Or perhaps wireless? In either case, certain measures need to be taken to protect your data going over the connection you have to prevent the bad guys from “sniffing” your data.

I recommend seeking the advice of a tech-savvy friend or perhaps your internet service provider.

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