Dallas Man Becomes a Victim of ID Theft

This week a Dallas, TX man reported having his identify stolen during an encounter with someone he met online. He frequently visited a chat room where it was customary to meet others there and hook-up elsewhere at a physical location. Okay, bad idea to begin with, but more on that in a moment.

He agreed to meet this person at a hotel room, only to find two other people already there. Long story short, he woke up the next morning not only to find $20 missing from his wallet, but was even more surprised to receive calls from credit card companies asking him to verify the thousands of dollars that were charged on his card.

Score one for the credit card companies to monitor and check with him. The damage was done by that time, but at least it was brought to this guy’s attention from the start.

The criminals were able to find out so much about him in so little time with just the information they found in his wallet. This should serve as a reminder to pay attention to exactly what’s in your wallet and decide if it should really be in there.

Of course, the other offense here, in my mind at least, is that he met someone online and made the poor decision of meeting in a private rather than public place. I’m not saying that nothing good can come of meeting someone online, but for crying out loud, meeting that person in a room is just plain stupid!

I know of a couple who met online first and who are now married. But they at least brought someone along with them the first time they met in public just to be safe.

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