ChildNet International: Making A Difference

Similar in thinking to Family WebWatch is ChildNet International — a site loaded with Web safety information. And I mean loaded!

ChildNet InternationalAn attractive and well-laid out site, ChildNet International provides useful information for kids and adults, and done so in a variety of award-winning projects. There’s Jenny’s Story, a heart-felt story of a girl who started off making a friend online, then it turned to tragedy when they met face-to-face. And there’s ChildNet Academy, devoted to putting the spotlight on kids and those who help them achieve online excellence.

There’s also KidSmart, ChatDanger, Music & The Internet, and many more.

By promoting awareness and providing advice, they strive to instill “net literacy” skills in people of all ages. One of my favorites is Parent’s Resource, an interactive resource for parents to see another point of view on cyber issues and get tips on how to deal with them.

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