Where Have The Role Models Gone?

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You’ll Want To Close Your Eyes For This One

I can’t believe what I just witnessed. I just viewed a video of a gang of kids beating up a defenseless teenage girl. Why did they do it? To get the bragging rights to having a shocking video on YouTube. The article I read told the story of eight teenagers (EIGHT!) who lured another student […]

Stickam: Possible Connection To Online Porn?

Back in March I reviewed a site called Stickam, a community of approximately 600,000 members, mostly made up of teens. They gather online to chat with other people using their web cams — a full audio-visual experience. The trouble is that you’d be hard-pressed to find these exchanges NOT taking place in someone’s bedroom. Well, […]

A Resource For Parents With Teens

We’ve all heard the joke about wishing kids came with a manual when they were born. No matter what age your child is, there’s always a constant flow of questions and challenges that present themselves. Parents are left with the ongoing quest to find out what other parents have done — or are doing — […]

Tween Girls Are Purring For AllyKatzz

I was recently contacted by Denise, the founder of AllyKatzz, to inform me of this rather interesting blogging network she has that is specifically made for girls, ages 10-15. This social community advertises itself as a safe haven for girls looking to interact with others their own age, and to see the world “through the […]

What Parents Should Know About Stickam

Video communities are popping up all over the Web. Stickam is one such community, but with more features than I’ve seen of late. Translation for parents: for the most part, it’s just another place for people to post video and photos of themselves doing things in the privacy of their own home that they wouldn’t […]

Kids Doing Stupid Things for Attention

Remember the class clown that wouldn’t miss an opportunity to crack a joke? How about the bully who would intimidate others to show who was boss? Or perhaps it was the gossiper, the one who knew everything about everyone, and if she didn’t, she wouldn’t hesitate to embellish a little? They all have one thing […]