Fake Links Deliver Malware On YouTube

It’s bad enough that some content on YouTube can inspire kids to do silly and sometimes dangerous things. But when you have to contend with the possibility of downloading malware while viewing such videos, one has to wonder if it’s even worth a visit anymore. Zlob adware, a Trojan, is what you get when clicking […]

Remembered What You Installed If Your Computer Acts Funny

When things go awry on my computer I have to stop and think, “What did I do last before this started to happen?” Tracing my steps is usually a tough one because, if you’re like me, then you’ve made a lot of steps to track. Recently, I upgraded the free ewido antispyware product, which was […]

SiteAdvisor: Fighting the Good Fight

The Web is filled with all sorts of scumware designed to annoy you or spy on you — perhaps both. Fortunately, tools are constantly being designed or updated to help you defend yourself against these threats. One such tool is SiteAdvisor from McAfee. SiteAdvisor is a add-on to Internet Explorer or Firefox and appears as […]

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Do You Scandoo?

Ever do a search at a search engine and come across a link that takes you to a site that has offensive material? Well, efforts are underway to protect you from that and more. Scandoo is just such a service that reduces your risk of viewing offensive material as well as identify sites that may […]

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Keylogger’s Can Wreak Havoc

Keylogger spyware can be responsible for turning your world upside-down, in some ways more than a computer virus. What’s a keylogger? It’s a software program that runs in the background on your computer, hidden from view, and secretly recording you’re every move. The places you go and what you type are sent electronically to someone […]

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The Secret Life of Some Spyware Fighters

Just when you think you know who the bad guy is, you may be surprised to find out that the good guy is no better. Take spyware, for example. I’ve blogged about it here a number of times, warning you to keep your computer free of junk that can bog your system down, and quite […]

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Phishing on Google’s Brand

A report earlier this month described phisher’s using Google’s brand to trick users into installing a bogus Google toolbar. The method of communication was through IM and IRC networks. Several goals are on the table. First, users are tricked into entering their credit card information. Second, a phony Google toolbar is installed. Yet another is […]