New Report On Spam Shows How Smart You Are

According to a phone survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, spam is on the rise, but fewer Americans are bothered by it. Specifically, the frustration users have with spam has dropped to 18 percent from just three and a half years ago. The reason for this decrease in being bothered is […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Email Inbox

Everybody knows how annoying, offensive, and downright vulgar spam can be. Here are a few tricks to help you keep these messages from making it to your inbox. Step 1 – Read a site’s privacy policy Just because it says “privacy” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about protecting yours. Specifically, it’s supposed to tell you how […]

SiteAdvisor: Fighting the Good Fight

The Web is filled with all sorts of scumware designed to annoy you or spy on you — perhaps both. Fortunately, tools are constantly being designed or updated to help you defend yourself against these threats. One such tool is SiteAdvisor from McAfee. SiteAdvisor is a add-on to Internet Explorer or Firefox and appears as […]

Two Simple Steps to Fight Spam

Spam can be fought without causing you, the recipient of such e-mail, to jump through hoops. You just have to be careful with whom you give your address to. By adopting two simple rules, you can seriously reduce the amount of spam you get. Please note that I said reduce, not eliminate because no one […]

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Using Throw-away E-mail Addresses

I’ve been using an online service for the past few weeks that allows me to generate an e-mail address on the fly. It’s called GishPuppy. Let’s say you’re registering for a site or making a purchase and you really don’t want to get stuck on another e-mail list. Just right-click and “Gish It!” to create […]

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Beware of E-mail Harvesters

Have you ever visited an online forum and posted your e-mail address for someone to contact you? It’s a common thing to do. Perhaps the conversation has splintered into a new direction and, being the respectable forum-goer that you are, you’re being courteous to take your conversation outside the confines of the forum. But did […]