Sex Offenders

MySpace Deletes Accounts Of 90,000 Sex Offenders

When 90,000 registered sex offenders tried to access their MySpace accounts yesterday, they were met with disappointment because their account had been deleted. Thanks to Sentinel, a security company that tracked down the accounts, MySpace was able to make their online community a little safer. The thing that gets me is why 90,000 all of […]

Proof That Evil Lurks On MySpace

If you need more proof that MySpace can be a risk to your kids, then you’ll be interested to learn that earlier this month the popular web community found more than 29,000 profiles of registered sex offenders on their site. Even with a community of over 180 million, 29,000 is still a dangerous slice by […]

Another Example of Parents Not Taking Responsibility

What’s worse than four teen aged girls getting sexually abused by adults they met on MySpace? Their parents suing the site because they think it should have done more to stop it from happening. Excuse me? These parents are too embarrassed to admit they failed to supervise their own children and left them to roam […]

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The Shame of it All

Ever see To Catch a Predator on MSNBC? That’s gotta be a tough, but rewarding job. On the one hand you know you’ve prevented a pervert from having sex with an underage child, but on the other hand, you get to see a man whose life has just taken a nose-dive. Or maybe it’s better […]

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Latest IM Scam Serves as a Reminder to Parents

Congressman Mark Foley’s instant messaging behavior should serve as a reminder to us all that even those in power can succumb to dark, perverted behavior. It has been all over the media, but in case you hadn’t heard, it was reported last week that Mr. Foley of Florida was sending inappropriate and sexually explicit emails […]

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MySpace: A Virtual Buffet for Sex Offenders

I’ve mentioned here before the risks involved with such online communities as MySpace and its ilk. Just this week it was reported that an investigation is underway to determine if as many as seven teenaged girls within Middletown, Conn. have been sexually assaulted by men they met at MySpace. There could be more because it’s […]

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Chat Rooms: Where Cybersex Begins

Anything can be used for good or evil. Chat rooms, for example, offer you real-time conversations that can lead to answering your questions about something or sharing common interests with other individuals around the world. Unfortunatley, and unbeknownst to your child, that someone’s interest could be your son or daughter. Don’t get me wrong. I […]