Proof That Evil Lurks On MySpace

If you need more proof that MySpace can be a risk to your kids, then you’ll be interested to learn that earlier this month the popular web community found more than 29,000 profiles of registered sex offenders on their site. Even with a community of over 180 million, 29,000 is still a dangerous slice by […]

Stickam: Possible Connection To Online Porn?

Back in March I reviewed a site called Stickam, a community of approximately 600,000 members, mostly made up of teens. They gather online to chat with other people using their web cams — a full audio-visual experience. The trouble is that you’d be hard-pressed to find these exchanges NOT taking place in someone’s bedroom. Well, […]

FWW Spotlight #4: Three Sites For Fighting Porn

Never has pornography been so accessible until the Web came along. And never has it had such a stranglehold on individuals. Like a drug, studies have shown that the more you give in to its allure, the more you seek it out, causing a vicious circle that’s hard to break. But as easy as it […]

Sworn To Fight Porn

Blogger Power is fighting the good fight — the fight to keep online pornography from being so freely available to anyone and everyone. Just like them, I am concerned about how it affects our children. Kids are curious beings and so easily impressionable. It doesn’t take much to find this sort of thing online, nor […]

Judge Overrules Online Porn Law

It was reported on CNN that a federal judge in Philadelphia shot down an attempt to make cyberspace a little more protected for our children. He favored allowing easy access to pornographic images for all, and leaving it to parents to decide for themselves how they will filter such information. Now, there are times when […]

Teacher Could Get Jail-time For School’s Negligence

Julie Amero, a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Connecticut, is looking at a potential whopping 40 years of jail time on four counts of risking injury to a child. There was nothing physical going on, but somehow the classroom computer displayed pop-ups of pornographic material. I don’t see the connection to calling it […]

Video Site “Veoh”: What Parents Should Know

Another video site for parents to keep their eye on. Veoh is a way to post video clips to the Web. Anything from your favorite TV clips to your own, home-grown movies. But like any other site that allows hard-to-monitor content from a wide audience (e.g., YouTube and Myspace), some of the content you find […]