Family Fun At Halloween

Halloween is a time to be creative and have a little fun. In the days leading up to the spirited day, families can spend time indoors decorating and playing all sorts of activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Spooky Halloween Stickers — print them out and attach them walls, refrigerators, windows, […]

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Spreading The Word: Family Support Forum

  This year has been one of growth for me with regard to the blogosphere. I have learned more about blogging and gotten to know other bloggers, which has led to new opportunities. Most recently, I’ve taken the helm of another blog called Family Support Forum (FSF). I’ll continue to write for Family WebWatch, but on […]

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Do You Have ICE In Your Cell Phone?

This is something that made its way around a number of years ago and I haven’t heard much about it since. So I thought it worthy to call attention to it here. “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) is a campaign that was thought of by a paramedic. In a lot of cases, most everyone he […]

Let Your Kids Drawn On Walls – With Light!

Philips has designed this rather cool device enabling anyone to draw on walls with light. No mess, just fun. I still can’t tell how it works exactly, but it looks very easy to use. You dip your wand into a “bucket” of light, stir it around to choose your color. and let loose on the […]

Family Fun Browsing With Glubble

I’ve reviewed a few parental control software packages here before, but none such as Glubble. This is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser and is geared for children under the age of 12. What makes Glubble different is that it’s not a typical web filter. Instead, it’s something that you tell it what […]

ChildNet International: Making A Difference

Similar in thinking to Family WebWatch is ChildNet International — a site loaded with Web safety information. And I mean loaded! An attractive and well-laid out site, ChildNet International provides useful information for kids and adults, and done so in a variety of award-winning projects. There’s Jenny’s Story, a heart-felt story of a girl who […]

FWW Spotlight #3

I’ve been collecting another batch for this week’s spotlight. It turns out that my recent post about online coloring pages caught the eye of Charlene, someone who specializes in that category. Printables For Kids says it all, but if I left it at that, this would be too short of a post. This blog is […]