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A Parent’s Guide To Online Safety

In my last post about it being time to be a parent when it comes to web safety, I mentioned I’d continue with steps you can take to protect your children while online. 1. Take the computer out of the kid’s room. What I find particularly frightening is that parents tend to do things that […]

Web Safety: It’s Time To Be A Parent

If there’s one thing a kid needs, it’s a parent. That may sound odd, but how many adults do you know who have kids, but really aren’t a parent? This is especially true when it comes to Internet safety. Do you really take part in your child’s Internet activities? Do you know where they’ve been […]

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You’ll Want To Close Your Eyes For This One

I can’t believe what I just witnessed. I just viewed a video of a gang of kids beating up a defenseless teenage girl. Why did they do it? To get the bragging rights to having a shocking video on YouTube. The article I read told the story of eight teenagers (EIGHT!) who lured another student […]