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Where’d The Website Go?

Before Family WebWatch became a blog, it was a website found at Over the years, there was a natural gravitation toward making a more interactive community that provided me the ability to write more frequently without having to deal with coding so much. That’s when Family WebWatch Blog was born. I own three blogs […]

A New Wave Phishing Scams Is On The Rise

I just can’t see why some people are into scamming others. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving emails warning me that there has been some “unauthorized activity” on my Bank of America account. The message reads as follows: Your Online Banking is Blocked Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on […]

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Spreading The Word: Family Support Forum

  This year has been one of growth for me with regard to the blogosphere. I have learned more about blogging and gotten to know other bloggers, which has led to new opportunities. Most recently, I’ve taken the helm of another blog called Family Support Forum (FSF). I’ll continue to write for Family WebWatch, but on […]

Education And Fun With Kids National Geographic

As a kid I remember watching National Geographic specials on TV. Being able to watch what happened on the other side of the world was fascinating. It’s a feeling I still have today when I watch documentaries of nature, travel, and space. Kids National Geographic is likely to instill such a feeling for kids today. […]

John Carosella On K9 Web Protection And Other Resources

Last week I started my three-part series with my interview of John Carosella of Blue Coat Systems. This third and final installment revolves around K9 Web Protection, the parental control service that helps protect families and especially their children while on the Web. Also included are some resources John recommends. FWW: As you know, I’ve […]