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Proof That Evil Lurks On MySpace

If you need more proof that MySpace can be a risk to your kids, then you’ll be interested to learn that earlier this month the popular web community found more than 29,000 profiles of registered sex offenders on their site. Even with a community of over 180 million, 29,000 is still a dangerous slice by […]

Mars Mission: A Game From Lego

I saw this advertised while waiting for a movie to start: Mars Mission by Lego. I have to say that Lego has really come a long way from when I was a kid. All we had were a bucket of plastic bricks. None of these fancy-shmancy bells and whistles. I’m jealous. Anyway, if you have […]

Let Your Kids Drawn On Walls – With Light!

Philips has designed this rather cool device enabling anyone to draw on walls with light. No mess, just fun. I still can’t tell how it works exactly, but it looks very easy to use. You dip your wand into a “bucket” of light, stir it around to choose your color. and let loose on the […]

ScienceHack: An Easy Way To Learn Science

ScienceHack is a search engine that specializes in providing users with video clips about science. Interested in learning about the latest finds made by the Hubble space telescope? How about how the eye works? Videos are broken down into six categories as of this writing: physics, chemistry, biology, space, green energy, and mathematics (

8 Random Facts About Me

I don’t get tagged all that often, but it’s definitely a first to be tagged by two different people for the same meme: 8 Random Facts About Me. Jeanne of Writer’s Notes tagged me on this blog, and Aaron of Aaron Cook dot Com tagged me on my other blog. Since I’ve already done one […]

These Guys Aren’t Even Trying Hard To Fool People

These PayPal phishing emails are becoming more and more popular it seems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the people behind them are getting any smarter. This last message I received was still dripping with urgency, but they must have missed the class that explained how to hide the true destination of a link. Check it […]

Stickam: Possible Connection To Online Porn?

Back in March I reviewed a site called Stickam, a community of approximately 600,000 members, mostly made up of teens. They gather online to chat with other people using their web cams — a full audio-visual experience. The trouble is that you’d be hard-pressed to find these exchanges NOT taking place in someone’s bedroom. Well, […]