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Phishing With PayPal

Another phishing email arrived in my inbox today. This time it was from PayPal. The clues: They didn’t use my name. If it were really PayPal, they’d use it. They used an email address of mine — true enough — but I don’t use it with my PayPal account. My email address wasn’t shown in […]

A Ride With Viraltags

UPDATE: I’m having second thoughts about this. I normally don’t go to such extremes, but due to the absolute lack of response from the people linked to on this post, and my rethinking the whole viral link booster thing, I’m going to remove that portion of this post. I’ve seen this making the rounds from […]

Fake Links Deliver Malware On YouTube

It’s bad enough that some content on YouTube can inspire kids to do silly and sometimes dangerous things. But when you have to contend with the possibility of downloading malware while viewing such videos, one has to wonder if it’s even worth a visit anymore. Zlob adware, a Trojan, is what you get when clicking […]

Fun Time For Kids With Skywire

For the young ones there’s Skywire. An online game with a “kid” feel to it, but one that they’re sure to enjoy. The object is to traverse your cable car of friends over a skywire. You loop this way and that while trying to avoid moving obstacles such as frog-like creatures that jump, birds that […]

Getting To Know The Enemy

Earlier this week I posted about a phishing scam — an email designed to cause you alarm and to take action by downloading an attachment. It sounded official, and, to the unsuspecting eye, could really get your attention. I have another one to show you. My decision to include this is to serve as another […]

ChildNet International: Making A Difference

Similar in thinking to Family WebWatch is ChildNet International — a site loaded with Web safety information. And I mean loaded! An attractive and well-laid out site, ChildNet International provides useful information for kids and adults, and done so in a variety of award-winning projects. There’s Jenny’s Story, a heart-felt story of a girl who […]

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A Case Of An Infected Phish

Recently, I was alerted to an email making the rounds. It poses itself as coming from the Better Business Bureau and asks for immediate action. All I had to do was download its attachment and follow the necessary steps. The message read as follows: From: Better Business Bureaus [] Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 7:07 […]