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This Time I’ve Been Reviewed

Our Blog Review, as the name implies, has reviewed Family WebWatch Blog. I asked them to provide me with objective feedback and here’s what they said: Excellent Blog…’Product Reviews’ section provides unbiased information about different products without any sort of Push-Sale, which is itself a very rare practice. Extremely sensitive issues…where it is difficult to […]

GreenBorder No Longer Offered – Temporarily

GreenBorder is an application used to protect computers when accessing the Internet. Picture your computer protected in a bubble as you surf the Web keeping you protected from downloading malicious code or viruses and such. That’s what GreenBorder does. I recently found out that they’ve stopped selling their product, but it’s not because they’re going […]

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Quibblo Me

You may have noticed the poll to the right. I made it using Quibblo. It was very easy to do, and if you’re a blogger, then you should consider using it on your blog from time to time. You have a choice to make a poll, survey, or quiz. Customize the colors to suit your […]

It’s Time For “Scam I Am!”

I just received a scam in my email, or to be more precise, a phishing attack. What’s phishing? It’s when someone attempts to convince you that they’re someone they’re not to get you to do something. Think wolf in sheep’s clothing. This latest attempt came out of the blue. Clue one. It was from a […]

Learn To Read Faster To Be More Productive

With so much information we deal with these days, it’s hard to keep up with it all. Doing something as simple as reading faster — just a little bit — could help us shave off a little time so we could spend it on other things, like our kids or spouse. Spreeder can help you. […]

Daycare Searching Made Easy with

So it’s the end of the school year and parents may be looking for a place to watch their young ones. Or perhaps a change is in order and it’s time to find a new daycare provider for their child. With, that search just got a little easier. The site is setup to enable […]

PayPerPost Direct Opens New Doors For Bloggers

Taking a sidestep from the usual fare here, I wanted to write about the recently released PayPerPost Direct service, a word of mouth marketing initiative. You’ve no doubt heard of PayPerPost before as they’ve been around a while. They don’t seem to be short on opportunities for bloggers. But their offerings have definitely increased with […]