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Buh-bye to The Good Blogs

I get a little badge/widget happy, it’s true. When I find something that looks useful to either myself or my readers, I’m likely to find space for it on my blog. The Good Blogs is one such doo-hickey. I’ve had it in my sidebar to the right for at least a few months. According to […]

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A Change In Course, But Not By Much

Ever since I created Family WebWatch Blog I’ve grown a little wiser about the blogosphere and the many benefits of communicating with others — bloggers and non-bloggers alike. I’ve run a pretty tight ship over the years by only posting content related to Web safety and productivity. And while I’ll continue to write about sites […]

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RSS Subscriptions Are Our Friend

I just wanted to post a brief request about subscribing to my RSS feed. Clicking the red button in the upper right corner will take you to your choice of a feed reader. Subscribing will ensure you have the latest posts I make here sent right to you. Or perhaps you know of someone who […]

Tween Girls Are Purring For AllyKatzz

I was recently contacted by Denise, the founder of AllyKatzz, to inform me of this rather interesting blogging network she has that is specifically made for girls, ages 10-15. This social community advertises itself as a safe haven for girls looking to interact with others their own age, and to see the world “through the […]

Is Someone Watching While You Surf The Web?

It’s easy to get caught up in technology. Take wireless communications, for example. What a convenience it is to be able to go to a hotspot like Starbucks, and crank out a few emails while sipping your latte? But did you know that there may be someone listening in on your conversations? It could be […]

Picopad May Be Low-tech, But It’s So Handy

It’s not all about technology here on Family WebWatch. Sometimes the answer is low-tech. Picopad is just such an answer. This little gizmo is simple, inexpensive, compact, and handy. It easily fits into your wallet or purse. It even comes with a ballpoint pen, too! It’s credit-card size makes it easy to hide away until […]

A Site Full Of Bubbls

No, that’s not a typo. It’s a site called, and offers an attractive way of creating flow charts. Perfect for brainstorming and easy to use. It’s free and you can even start using it without creating an account. You can print your work, and even export it as an image, HTML, or XML. A […]