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Files Held For Ransom

You wake up one morning to find an unusual e-mail message in your inbox. It could read something like, “We have encrypted your files. If you ever want to see them again, pay us $200 or we hit the delete key!” I wouldn’t even be surpised if it ended with “Have a nice day.” Yes, […]

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Hackers Attacking Hackers

An interesting twist of events has occurred in the land of hackerdom. Fed up with all the phishing scams that have been on the rise, white hat hackers have taken to defacing the fake Web sites that fool visitors into entering such personal information as usernames, passwords, and the prize gem of them all: their […]

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Site Review: NetSmartzKids

Parents looking for a way to introduce online safety tips to their children or perhaps reaffirm safe online behavior can start with NetSmartzKids®. This site is a branch of NetSmartz® which is an interactive, educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC) and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) […]

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What’s Happening On the Mother Ship?

A few pages have been added to my main site. They cover the following topics: Pornography Spyware Resources Be sure to check them out, and don’t forget to be among the first to sign up to my free newsletter!

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IM Is A Hot Bed for Virus Attacks

Computer virus hackers, being true to their form, cannot resist the challenge of designing a virus-infected attachment (and the bragging rights that come along with it) and fooling you into clicking on it to infect your computer. IM is ripe for the picking mainly because it’s virtually an unexplored playground for hackers, and users aren’t […]

Does Your Child Blog?

According to BlogPulse, as of this writing there have been 46,988 new blogs launched in the past 24 hours. That’s a lot of bloggin’! What’s a blog? It’s a simple, yet effective way to communicate on the Web. It’s basically the same thing as a Web site, but the difference is what tools are used […]

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KidsCom is a Fun Place

This site is a good place for young kids to learn a little bit about Internet safety and have fun doing it. With lots of games and colorful characters, there’s bound to be plenty of material to interest your child. This particular page has an interesting albeit basic form of engaging the child in netiquette. […]