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Free E-mail: The Good and The Bad

Free e-mail accounts offer a wide variety of bells and whistles. Some offer huge amounts of storage, while others offer special functionality like organizing and forwarding. Like the vast multitudes of users, I, too, have enjoyed the many benefits they offer. I’ve been known to whimper quietly to myself if I don’t get to my […]

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The Web: It’s About Education Too

A study by the London School of Ecnomics shows that parents who are not Net savvy could be reducing their children’s opportunities to find jobs and diminishing their education. Aside from the fact that I don’t understand why the School of Economics would do such a study :), I agree with their findings. Nearly 20 […]

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I’m Still Here

I’m still here. I’ve just had a busy couple of weeks. Once I get settled I should be able to make more posts.

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AOL Fights Phishing

The longtime ISP provider, AOL, has launched an attack against phishing scams. Phishing, also known as pharming, is the act of showing you a Web site that looks like it’s from a company you know, but isn’t. The purpose of this is to get you (the customer) to enter your logon or other personal information. […]

The Family WebWatch Site is GO!

At long last, the Family WebWatch site has launched! It’s a site that’s more instructional in nature and builds upon the Internet safety information you find on this blog by providing you more in-depth material. There’s also a place to sign-up for the free newsletter. Be sure to bookmark this site as an ongoing reference […]

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Forgot Your Password? Maybe this will help

If you’re like me, you love having your Web browser remember your username and password. It just makes life so much simpler not having to bother with remembering all that information. But it is a security risk particularly if you’re using a computer that has more than one user. I have a nice little program […]

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Technology + Bullying = A Bad Combination

There was a 30-second video clip last month that went flying around cyberspace. The clip showed a student being beaten-up by two other students, while a crowd of their peers looked on offering cheers and words of encouragement. So how did someone record this on video? Well, by way of a cell phone, of course. […]