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VoIP Users Beware

Users of VoIP have benefited from low-cost or sometimes free long distance calls over the Internet. But what those same users may not know is that they are also susceptible to the same security risks as e-mail and the Internet. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, uses the same network as regular Web traffic. Organizations […]

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Comments are back up

Comments are now back online. Thanks macmanx!

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Instant Messaging: The New Frontier for Hackers

Like moths to light, virus writers are attracted to the playground known as Instant Messaging. The reason is because it is largely an unprotected area of the Internet. And because antivirus programs do not monitor it, it’s an easy sell for hackers. Why the attraction? It’s because IM operates on a P2P network, or what […]

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A Road Map to Online Protection: Part II

Earlier I posted the first half of a check list that identified ways to beef up your online defenses. Today, I’m posting the second half of that list. Bear in mind that despite the fact that there will always be online risks, we must remain ever-vigilant in the fight against those risks. So don’t give […]

A Road Map to Online Protection: Part I

Just because online risks exist doesn’t mean we should make it easy for criminals and hackers to do their thing. Here’s part one of a check list of things you can do to increase your online defenses: Shred any mail you get that can potentially let people get one step closer to stealing your identity […]

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Protecting Teens Online Is On The Rise

A new survey from the Pew Internet Project shows 54% of parents with teenagers use Internet filters. That’s a 65% increase from the year 2000. But despite the increase in protection, parents and teens both still believe that teens try to do things they shouldn’t online. The survey included 1,100 youths (ages 12 to 17) […]

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Chat Done Right

I don’t visit chat rooms, but if I did, I’d be sure to check out ChatDanger first. This is a good web site that’s easy on the eyes and very informative. It covers the usual devices used for chatting: mobile phones, chat rooms, e-mail, and instant messaging. Information is provided on what to do and […]