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National Consumer Protection Week

The Federal Trade Commission is promoting awareness of identity theft the week of February 6 – 12. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our world today. A friend of mine, a victim of identity theft, shared his experiences with me. The damage had already been done before he found out someone […]

New Jersey Arrests 39 for Internet Child Porn

Score one of the good guys! This week there will be 39 fewer people who will be viewing sexually exploited children. Get this: the range in age of the people arrested is 14 to 61. I find this astounding. The youngest viewing this material is the prime target of those being victimized, or so I […]

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Do you trust what you search for?

People who trust search engines tend to search less often, are more likely to use a single engine, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, feel they are more successful than frequent searchers, according to the survey. This suggests that as people gain experience with search engines, they also develop critical thinking skills that can help them avoid low […]

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PEW Internet Project Survey Results

The Pew Internet Project conducted a survey late last year. It brought to light some interesting comments from the respondents. For example: …roughly 66 percent predicted that “at least one devastating attack will occur in the next 10 years on the networked information infrastructure or the country’s power grid.” I have to say I agree […]

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Internet Security Key, The Ultimate Parental Guardian

Now this is an interesting take on Parental Control hardware. The Internet Security Key is the middleman to your home’s access to the Internet. Parents use a special key to allow access to the Web. Without it, the signal is disrupted and no one can get online. Haven’t tried it myself, but sounds like it […]

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Students violate internet safety at school

So why is “Sally” or “Tommy” on the Internet so much? Ever wonder what they’re doing or who they’re chatting with? No? Maybe you should. This article reminds parents that we can’t forget to protect them online. We teach our kids to look both ways before crossing the street, don’t talk to strangers, and such. […]

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Students booked with cyber stalking

There are times when I wish some people didn’t have access to the Internet. Sometimes you lose your driver’s license when you show irresponsibility or wreckless driving. It’s not likely to have that same concept carry over to the Internet, but it sure would be nice. Case in point is this article. It really gets […]