MySpace Deletes Accounts Of 90,000 Sex Offenders

When 90,000 registered sex offenders tried to access their MySpace accounts yesterday, they were met with disappointment because their account had been deleted. Thanks to Sentinel, a security company that tracked down the accounts, MySpace was able to make their online community a little safer.

The thing that gets me is why 90,000 all of the sudden? Why not delete them on a regular basis? True, they may be doing that behind the scenes, but with an announcement like this, one is inclined to think this is more of a PR tactic.

With all the hoopla over MySpace cleaning house, people are looking to Facebook, another extremely popular social network, to see if they’ll respond in kind. Actually, MySpace is the one who is trying to get them to make a move and it’s not a stretch to believe that Sentinel is attempting to force Facebook into becoming a client of theirs.

MySpace made a statement declaring their leadership position and hoped “that Facebook follows our lead in providing their members with the same protections.” Sounds a bit unfair to me that they would say that, but all Facebook has to do is start cleaning house too, whether it be with the support of Sentinel or some other company.

It’s no surprise that these two communities out of the many out there are places for sex offenders to groom their next victim. It’s encouraging to see, though, that the likes of MySpace are trying to make a difference given that they’ve had a history reported in the media about tragic meet-ups among the offenders and children.

Stand Up To Bullying Day

Bullying in any form can be devastating to the recipient. Students in particular can attest to this as schools are ripe with kids who enjoy picking on others. But it doesn’t stop there. Bullying can happen anywhere: at the workplace, events, online.

Two senior boys, Travis Price and David Shepherd, had the courage to stand up for someone who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. So what did these boys do? They bought several pink shirts to be worn by themselves and others at school to show the bullies their behavior won’t be tolerated.

Tomorrow is Stand Up To Bullying Day. It’s a day meant to bring awareness to [...] Continue Reading…

How To Avoid Email Scams

It bugs me to get email spam, but I really get upset when it’s more than just selling the latest in male enhancement products. I’m talking about the emails that try to fool you into thinking your bank account is on the verge of being closed or that someone has hacked into it.

I just received one such email earlier this week. Very cleverly written, it was trying to warn me that suspicious activity was taking place on my PayPal account. At first, I thought, “Oh no!” because I’ve actually been doing some things with my account recently. But then I read on and applied my checklist to spot a [...] Continue Reading…

Where Have The Role Models Gone?

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A List Of Blogs And Freebies Being Offered

I want to take a moment to encourage you to branch out and get to know other blogs that might match your interests. There’s something called FeedaPalooza that’s designed to do just that.

The man behind the concept of FeedaPalooza is Aaron Abber, an online marketing whiz who I’ve been getting to know. He came up with this promotion based on RSS Appreciation Day that took place May 1 (yeah, I didn’t know about that day either), but this promotion runs until May 15. It’s meant to encourage people to get to know other blogs and have them subscribe to their RSS feeds, like mine right here.

So in addition to [...] Continue Reading…

A Parent’s Guide To Online Safety

In my last post about it being time to be a parent when it comes to web safety, I mentioned I’d continue with steps you can take to protect your children while online.

1. Take the computer out of the kid’s room. What I find particularly frightening is that parents tend to do things that make them popular with their kids, not necessarily what’s safe for them. It’s almost like they’re trying to be their friend more than their parent. For example, they buy their kid a laptop or desktop and take no steps to set ground rules or follow up on agreements to not visit inappropriate websites.

Computers are a [...] Continue Reading…

Web Safety: It’s Time To Be A Parent

If there’s one thing a kid needs, it’s a parent. That may sound odd, but how many adults do you know who have kids, but really aren’t a parent?

This is especially true when it comes to Internet safety.

Do you really take part in your child’s Internet activities? Do you know where they’ve been online and to whom they’re talking to? Seriously, when a computer is hooked up to the Web, it’s a window into a whole world of things AND it’s a window into your home.

Sometimes parents forget this one crucial piece of information. They’ve given their child their own computer in their room and they think they’ve done [...] Continue Reading…